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The IHG was formed by COL Sears, LTC Colglazier in March 2014. We are located in Southern/Central Indiana and encompass members from Indianapolis, IN to Bloomington, IN to Clarksville, IN and Evansville IN. Our leadership has a vast array of experience both in the military and in the civilian world. It is because of the diversity in backgrounds that our organization is successful, from brand new members to senior leadership. We encourage all members to strive to become leaders and help us maintain our success.

     Group Command
COL Sears, Commanding
LTC Colglazier, (XO) Executive Officer
1LT Campbell, (S7) Training Officer
SGM Toth, Senior NCO

                Southern Command
CPT Robinson, Detachment Commander
1SG Davis, First Sergeant

                  Central Command
CPT Beyer,  Detachment Commander
1SG Carr, First Sergeant

                 Logistics Command
MAJ Pangburn Logistics Commander